Garden Decors that Are Easy to Maintain

A lush garden that is filled with gorgeous plants, shrubs, and trees might sound like an amazing idea at first. But the truth is that most of your time will be spent caring for it, and this becomes very bothersome fast. A garden doesn’t need to be filled with high-maintenance plants to look good, simple garden designs being just as visually pleasing as well, without being too pretentious when it comes to maintenance.

Create living spaces

If you don’t create living spaces in the garden, you won’t have a place where you can sit and relax, enjoying the pleasant view brought by your simple and gorgeous garden. Some great ideas for living spaces include an outdoor kitchen, sofas with small tables where you and your loved ones can sit and chat, or the classic table and chairs setup where you can all drink your coffees in the morning while breathing fresh air. When you create the living space, try to put it as centered as you can in the garden. This will make it a focal point, giving the garden a more structured look.

Plant perennials

The ultimate low-maintenance plants out there are definitely perennials. The best part is that they look very playful, boosting the beauty of any garden. Therefore, instead of going with pretentious plants like roses, plant a variety of lively colored perennials anywhere space allows it in the garden. Of course, make sure that you keep areas of grass around them, and keep the grass short and pleasant looking by mowing it regularly with the lawn mower. Besides mowing the small sized lawn that remains, there is little maintenance work that has to be done for to the rest of the garden due to the perennials.

Incorporate potted plants in the garden

Potted plants give personality to gardens, and they are a versatile choice to go with. If you want to make your garden more interesting, incorporate potted plants in it. The fact that you can move them around as you please gives you more options when it comes to the design of the garden. They are less high maintenance than the plants you put in the soil in your garden because they can be placed inside when the bad weather comes for their protection. Also, if you go with lively colored pots, you can give a very playful look to your garden.

Keep it simple by predominantly using bluestone in the garden

Having less lawn, and putting more bluestone in the garden is a pricey option to go with, but it’s one that you will benefit from as well. In addition to giving your garden a modern look, the bluestone doesn’t need maintenance work. If you follow this garden decor idea, the only maintenance work that you have to perform is to water and take care of the few plants you have in the garden, and use the lawn mower to keep the small patches of grass aesthetically pleasant.