How to Build an Outdoor Sauna

When it comes to saunas, you actually have two options, to buy a brand new one and place it in your home, or to actually build one for outdoors. If you do not have too much free space indoors, then here is how to build an outdoor sauna.

Choose where to place the sauna

It is important to choose a spot where you will have an easy access to electricity, plumbing and heating as well. Once you have chosen the spot, you must install any necessary wires, pipes, and gas lines as well.

Are you using lava rocks for heating the sauna?

If so, then you need to dig a space for rocks. If you are going to use infrared heating, then you must make sure there is enough power for the heating system. You need to lay a simple foundation, and then just build the inner frame. Keep in mind to leave enough room for ventilation points that will be located on the ceiling, on the floor, and above the heater as well. Furthermore, you must not omit to add the necessary spaces for windows and benches as well.

Don’t forget about the insulation

The insulation definitely plays a very important role. Therefore, keep in mind to insulate very well the inner frame. Insulate it with fiberglass and also add a vapor barrier. This will keep the moisture off the fiberglass, and it will also help it last longer.

You must build a simple outer wall

This is the next step you must follow in order to make sure you will obtain a perfect result. The outer wall should be about 30 cm outside the inner frame. Once you do so, you can start building the roof. It is highly recommended to use wood or tile, and keep in mind to keep a ventilation spot open, so that the steam can easily and quickly escape.

Install the heating system

Once you have chosen the heating system, the product will actually come with some installation instructions, which you must definitely follow. Leave a wide space so that you can place the heater with ease.

Consider the flooring

Place the first layer of flooring. Do this by using ceramic tile. This will actually go over the heating system, and it will efficiently collect moisture. A second layer of flooring is required, using unsecured boards, which will be very easy to remove so that you can clean the tiles. The last step is to install the heater and the benches. Once you follow all these steps presented in this article, you will definitely know exactly how to build an outdoor sauna.