How to Create the Perfect Environment inside a Greenhouse?

The main purpose of a greenhouse it to grow plants in a rapid and healthy way. Therefore, after you successfully built it, you have to take care of the inside conditions in order to create the perfect environment. Things as light, temperature or humidly are very important, so if you are interested in learning how to manage the optimal plant growth, read the lines below and find out some interesting aspects.

Use LED Grow Lights

The LED growing lights are great because they offer many advantages. The first and the most important one is the fact that they produce only the color of light that the plants need in order to grow. The second important advantage of using LED grow lights is that they can save up to 75 percent of the electricity bills in comparison with other lamps. Also, the LED grow lights produce less heat, which is perfect for the plants because they need a cooler temperature to grow faster. Last, but not least, they are silent when they operate and they require low maintenance, the operating life span of a LED grow light being of 100,000 working hours.

Manage the Humidity Level

The humidity is very important for creating the perfect environment in a greenhouse, so it’s better to keep it under control. A high moisture content will lead to an increased amount of condensation on plants and you don’t want that to happen. A great solution in this case is to use a dehumidifier that will help you reduce the humidity level and provide an ideal environment for the plants. On the other hand, if you have plants that need moist, we recommend you to use a humidifier, because it will help them grow much healthier. However, if you have a greenhouse it’s better to use a humidity measurement instrument in order to maintain the optimum humidity level which usually ranges between 0 and 1 psi.

Consider Proper Ventilation

Besides the natural ventilation of a greenhouse, you have to also consider an artificial one. For the first type of ventilation, you need to make sure that there are enough outlets and inlets that will permit the natural flow of air to ventilate the room. Also, the natural ventilation is a great cost saver, but it may not be that effective if you live in an area with high temperatures. In this case you need to use artificial ventilation that detects the temperature and powers the air conditioning system that you use according to the preset temperature.

Install a Shading System

A shading system will automatically close or open the blinders in order to control the light and temperature. Therefore, whenever there’s too much sunlight during the day, the blinders close so that the plants won’t be affected by too much light. The shading system has a sensor that automatically detects the temperature inside the greenhouse and opens or closes the blinders as necessary.