Pool Designs that Improve Your Curb Appeal

In any neighborhood, there’s a constant competition regarding who has the most beautiful house and garden. If you want to be the winner in your neighborhood and have passersby admiring how stunning your property looks, you must improve its curb appeal by adding an impressively designed pool. To find out which are the best pool designs to go with to achieve this, read the following lines.

Pave around a classic rectangular-shaped pool

A classic rectangular-shaped pool doesn’t seem like a very spectacular addition to make in order to improve curb appeal. Of course, this is unless you make the right choices when it comes to its overall design. What we recommend you do is to pave around the pool, choosing pavers that match the color of your house. Also, you can pave a path from the front of your home to the pool, and from the pool to the various seating areas that you have in the garden.

Small, irregularly shaped pool

Building a pool to add curb appeal to your property doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to design a pool that is large in size. Going with a small, irregularly shaped pool like the one shown in the picture above is an ideal design choice to go with, prettying up its surroundings without looking too pretentious. To make it as spectacular as possible, pave around it and create a seating area with lounges, or chairs and tables.

Keep the pool clean with the Polaris F9450 Sport In-Ground robotic pool cleaner to not ruin the curb appeal

Improving curb appeal by building a pool isn’t going to last forever if you don’t make sure to keep the pool clean and looking perfect at all times. This can become especially bothersome if you have tall trees in the proximity of the pool, the leaves and other debris falling from them and making the pool look dirty.

To keep the pool clean at all times for it to improve curb appeal, let the Polaris F9450 Sport In-Ground robotic pool cleaner do the chore of cleaning the pool for you. This will save you a lot of money and time in the long run, so it’s worth it to invest the $1000 in this robotic pool cleaner. This model can clean pools that measure up to 50 feet in length. It features an innovative 7-day programmable cleaning cycle. It’s designed to clean all pool surfaces. In addition, the 4-wheel drive technology that it features ensures it will thoroughly clean the floor, walls, and tile line of the pool in addition to filtering and cleaning the water.