Simple DIY Projects for Your Garden

The garden is supposed to be an oasis of relaxation for you. In it, you should relieve the stress that gathers during the day by staring at the beautiful flowers and enjoying the smell of fresh air. But a garden can become boring very fast if you don’t add some interesting elements to it. If you want to make your garden truly unique and stunning without spending a lot of money or time on doing this, read the following lines. Here, we will show you some great and easy DIY projects that are perfect for your garden.

Colorful planters out of tires

To give your garden personality, stray from the normal design choices, and go with making colorful planters out of tires for it. As you can see in the picture above, it’s a lively and playful addition that will boost the appearance of the garden. For this simple and fun project, you need spray paint and some old tires. Just paint the tires in different colors, and place them wherever you want in the garden. Next, fill the tires with soil, and plant the flowers that you like in them. Also, you can use hooks and chains to hang the tire planters to the trees in your garden.

Make tree stumps into outdoor serving tables

Whenever you cut a tree down, leave a few feet of the stump in place to create a unique and useful outdoor serving table in the garden. Just level the tree stump with a saw for it to be perfectly flat. Next, make a tabletop from wooden planks and secure it to the stomp with nails. By having this ingenious table in your garden, you can sit and have a drink in summer with your loved ones there. Also, you can use the table to sit comfortably and eat the meat and other meals that you prepare on the grill when the weather is good outside.

Make a wooden garden swing

A swing in the garden or on the porch is ideal for relaxation, and it gives the outdoor space personality. To create a wooden garden swing on which you and your partner can hang out and talk while admiring your beautiful garden, you need two 8-foot 2-by-4s, two 10-foot 2-by-4s, one 10-foot 1-by-6, nine 10-foot 1-by-4s, 220 1¼-inch deck screws, 32 2½-inch deck screws, and 5/8-inch diameter nylon rope. This project will amount to around $150, which is a reasonable price to pay for such a great addition to the garden. After you get all the materials, follow a tutorial on how to create such a bench. When you finish assembling it, you can add a layer of yellow paint to give the swing a more playful look.