The Costs of Adding a Pool to Your Garden

Pools are considered as being luxury additions that people make to their properties due to the fact that they cost a lot initially. Also, they are high maintenance, requiring further investment even after they are built. Just like everyone else, you surely dream of having a pool in your garden, to have fun in it and relax when the warm weather comes. But can you afford to make this addition? To find out what are the real costs of adding a pool to your garden, read the following lines.

Costs of adding an in-ground swimming pool

If you want to go with an in-ground swimming pool, be prepared to spend well over $20000 on building it. The high cost of this type of pool is caused by the fact that it requires extensive site preparation, and the materials that go into building it are expensive as well. The vinyl liner for the pool is the most cost efficient choice to go with, the standard cost for such a pool being of $25000. The fiberglass pool costs around $31000 on average. If you build an in-ground pool from gunite and concrete, the final cost will be somewhere between $30000 and $50000, depending on the size and shape of the pool.

Costs of adding an above ground swimming pool

An above ground pool is an ideal option to go with if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in this project. On average, above ground swimming pools cost $6000, which is more than 3 times cheaper than in-ground swimming pools. They are sold as kits that you or a professional pool company install. The site preparation for these pools usually includes the need to level the ground and create access to electrical service.


There are a lot of accessories that you have to invest in when building the swimming pool. These accessories include pumps, filters, thermometers, handrails, ladders, and even heaters. Of course, some of the accessories aren’t mandatory, but they are extremely useful to buy. Purchasing the necessary items has a starting price of at least $500, and it can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Maintenance costs

When you think about building a swimming pool in your garden, you have to take into consideration that it will require maintenance work to be kept clean and safe for use. The most important investment that you can’t avoid making when it comes to the maintenance of the pool is to purchase chemicals. On average, it will cost you $100 per month to buy chlorine, pH testing strips, and any other types of materials that might be of use. In case you want to keep the pool clean without doing any effort yourself, you have to consider investing in a robotic pool cleaner as well. Buying such a device can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the model that you choose, its features, and the overall performance that it offers.