The Most Stylish Outdoor Saunas for Your Backyard

Are you an avid sauna goer? Do you want to pretty up your backyard with an addition that both your mental and physical health will benefit from? Then you have to continue to read this article to find out which are the most stylish outdoor saunas that you can place in your backyard.

Almost Heaven Saunas Audra Canopy 4-Person Barrel Sauna

Standing at the price of $4500, the Almost Heaven Saunas Audra Canopy 4-Person Barrel model boasts a stylish tubular design that makes it the ideal addition for your backyard. The durable western Canadian red cedar construction makes it resistant to mold. It uses a 4.5kW stainless steel heater that features a useful 8-hour delay timer. Therefore, you can set the sauna to start heating up for when you come from work, allowing you to relax and relieve the stress that has gathered during the day as soon as you arrive. The synthetic support cradles that it features creates a moisture barrier between the ground and the lumber of the sauna. Also, the factory pre-assembled benches, ends, and staves make it very easy to assemble it.

HeatWave SA2418 Monticello 4-Person Infrared Sauna

Another stylish choice to go with for your backyard is the HeatWave SA2418 Monticello 4-Person infrared sauna. It costs around $1780. This model provides an amazing hot environment due to the 9 carbon heaters that it comes with. It features LED control panels both on the exterior and on the interior of the unit for increased convenience. Other features that make it an amazing choice to go with are the backrests, towel racks, the color mood lights, and the CD player with MP3 plug-in. It can reach a maximum temperature of 141 degrees Fahrenheit. The solid Hemlock wood with tongue and groove assembly make it a stable and durable unit. Just be careful if you buy it because the glass door makes it easy for neighbors to see inside it if you stand too close to the door.

Radiant Saunas 4-Person Hemlock Corner Infrared Sauna

We end our list of the most stylish outdoor saunas for your backyard with the Radiant Saunas 4-Person Hemlock Corner infrared sauna. It comes at the price of $2600. The Hemlock construction with buckle assembly ensures a quick setup. It features 10 carbon heaters that can provide a maximum temperature of 141 degrees Fahrenheit in the sauna. It comes with EZ-Touch LED control panels both on the interior and the exterior of the sauna. It’s scratch resistant. In addition, it comes with a multitude of amazing features, including a stereo sound system with built-in speakers, an auxiliary CD player, and an MP3 connection.